Sitting next to your child when they’re telling you that they no longer want to live is one of the very hardest things for a parent to hear.


Hannah’s illness has meant that she has lost friends and family members from her life. Extended periods of dark depression have made her working life difficult. After 25 years of struggling with life Hannah was finally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder but stability in her life is still fragile even after 5 years. It took a recent admission to the Mental Health Unit to give her access to a psychiatrist and to get her current medications reviewed.


Bi Polar UK has given our family the knowledge and understanding we needed to support Hannah. It has given Hannah strength and hope for the future knowing that she is not alone. Hannah is now 35 years old, navigating through each year of her life has not been easy for her but with the support of her family and the awareness and skills that we have all gained through Bipolar UK, Hannah has a future.